Three Things We Bet You Didn’t Know about Vaping

Cigarette smoking causes more than 500,000 deaths in the US every year and kills around six million people around the globe. If you hate yourself for smoking and want to kick the habit, try vaping!

Vape mods are a safer alternative to cigarettes and are very popular in the US. In fact, they are quite likely to outsell cigarettes by the year 2030. Still, there are some stigmas attached to vaping — erroneously, in most cases. In some states, vaping indoors is illegal and often declared as a public health risk. Much of this is due to the lack of information about vaping.

Here are three crucial things to know about vaping.

  • Smoking vsVaping:

Vaping is often portrayed as a lesser evil when compared to smoking. What people fail to understand is that vaping and smoking don’t fall into the same category. Smoke from tobacco includes tar and thousands of cancer causing chemicals. Vape mods, however, give users a nicotine hit by heating a nicotine-containing liquid, without the need to burn tobacco. Unlike cigarettes, they produce water vapor without harmful chemicals.

  • The ingredients that make up e-juice aren’t a mystery:

The quality and quantity of ingredients used in e-juices are a major health concern. Studies have proved that a majority of the chemicals used in an e-juice aren’t toxic, but it is important that you buy e-liquid from companies adhering to strict quality control. Our liquids are made in the USA in FDA-registered labs using better than food grade ingredients.

  • Flavor making is a huge part of the vaping experience:

The vast quantity of different e-juice flavors makesvapingvery enjoyable. From fruits like watermelon and strawberry to desserts like banana cream pie, we offer a broad range of flavors. Some of our users who’ve vaped for a few months and later tried a cigarette have reported being disgusted by the smell of burnt tobacco; thus encouraging them to stay off tobacco.

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