Powermatic Series Cigarette Machine

What is the best Powermatic Cigarette Machine? Powermatic cigarette machines are electronic machines, with a spring, injects the tobacco from the hopper into the tube by “feeding” the tube with tobacco and pushing it, until it is full and falls from the nozzle.

Generally, among other kinds of cigarette injectors, Powermatic cigarette injector machines has been considered the best because they give cigarette a professional look and uniformly packed.

Types of Powermatic Series Cigarette Machine

Powermatic 1: This is a manual cigarette injector machine. Amongst the Powermatic series machine is a unique cigarette injector that has a vertically operated handle and a titanium-plated compressor. This machine is made with high-quality materials. It has a low-cost maintenance compared to its competitors’ models out there. It works very well with no strain on hands, arm or shoulder while using it because the handle requires very little strength to load it. With all these great features these Powermatic series stand to be the far best globally. In one flowing action, the Powermatic 1 packs, injects and dispenses accurately packed cigarettes. It is very transportable, mobile and very effortless to utilize. The titanium plated cutting edge in the tobacco hollow ensures overload tobacco is cut appropriately and an ideal cigarette is made. Most of all it is responsive to the most brand of tobacco. It fills cigarette tubes easily. The Powermatic 1 comes with a cleaning kit and a 1-year limited warranty.

Powermatic 150:  It is the newest in the evolution of Powermatic cigarette machines. It uses an innovative clutch mechanism. The 150 metal constructed is made to reduce the possibility of difficulties and to keep the machine rigid. This machine is able to function the same way like the Powermatic 1.

Powermatic mini: This is another most advanced brand and the smallest manual machine in the Powermatic series. It is great for starters and capable of producing both king-size and 100mm. It can act as a great backup for big cigarette entrepreneurs.  It is very portable and comes in 2 colors (white and black). This machine stands up to the Powermatic level of excellence. It is well recommended and the best for all cigarette tobacco producers. It is honestly an awesome little roller. It gives a perfect roll up with no mess on the table. As little as it is, it packs tobacco tight from the bottom to the end. A strong and durable rolling device that is very easy to use. The most special feature of this amazing flawless machine is that it doesn’t depend on electric. Powermatic mini works fast and each cigarette is a perfect one. This mini machine can be carried anywhere in a bag. This little machine is just so fun to use.

Powermatic 2 PLUS: The Powermatic II Plus is new and improved cigarette injector with an increased motor speed, improved gear quality 25%     extra power with fewer jams, makes king sized and 100mm cigarette. The most popular electronic cigarette injector just got better and faster. For many years now, the Powermatic 2 PLUS has delivered top quality cigarette production to numerous homes. It has a titanium plated blade for accurate tobacco cutting and compression. Its spoon style injector delivers consistent and original smoking cigarettes every time. This model is incredibly easy to use, unlike most competitors’ models and it includes some of the following quality features:

  • Electronic jam protection
  • Large tobacco hopper
  • Cleaning kit
  • Production tray
  • And a year limited warranty

All these great features stand Powermatic series cigarette machine as the best and most recommended. A customer once describes it as “the most electric spoon fed injector ever seen”. In addition, it features a safety mechanism; if the chamber is overfilled with tobacco the machine won’t fill the tube, and it automatically stops making cigarette before it breaks.

It always senses the over filled chamber and backs out. This lovely feature (overfill protector) makes it great and boldly outstanding from its competitors.

Conclusively, all Powermatic series cigarette injector machine come in great features and quality that highlight them all as the best amongst all other rival models. All are greatly recommended and last when properly used and taken care of. The low cost of maintenance, alongside the cleaning kit in all the Powermatic series, make it last long. Each of these machines is best in their functions, more so, not expensive to buy and well recognized amongst cigarette entrepreneurs or producers. Note: almost all the Powermatic series possesses similar qualities, with little special differences. The choice of which to use is open to all. The basis is that all are best in their functions and are flawless.

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