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Within the last thirty years, it has been seen that the Deca Durabolin is one of the best steroids. This is because of its ability to provide huge gains in the muscle mass, helping the immune system as well as for relieving joint pain. Another benefit of its increasing popularity is that it does not provide any side effects to the users. This is because; it does not aromatize. It is suggested that Deca needs to be taken for a period of 12 weeks at a time. IT is considered very effective for the bodybuilders.

It is suggested that Deca must be stacked with testosterone, so as to make the production of the testosterone to drop. Even after completion of a Deca cycle, the users are supposed to continue the intake of the testosterone. The users can get detailed information about Deca Durabolin from the The Deca Durabolin has gained popularity among the users because of its favorable properties. This steroid has similar structure to that of the testosterone. This is extremely popular across the globe.

Why is Deca popular among the bodybuilders or athletes?

The Deca Durabolin is also popular, as it provides its users with mild androgenic effects. It is a slow reacting and fast steroid. This is supposed to be taken for a prolonged period of time, so as to enjoy the best results. The best time to use Deca is to last for 8 to 12 weeks with an expectation of gaining muscle mass at a rapid pace. The Deca does not remain active in his body for a longer period of time. This steroid can be injected into one’s body once or twice in a week.

 Recommended Dosage of Deca for bodybuilding:

The recommended dosage of Deca for men is about 300 to 600mg in a week. This provides the users with optimal results, if taken around 2mg per pound of lean body weight. The female bodybuilders also make use of Deca. They are recommended to take the steroid lesser than that of the men. IT is about 50mg in a week. This is a bit androgenic, but still most of its female users experience Virilization symptoms.

The women are recommended to take Nandrolone Durabolin, instead of the Deca Durabolin on experiencing any such side effects. IT remains active in the body for a number of days. This reduces androgenic build up, when its withdrawal has been confirmed. It is believed that both the drugs are effective and are helpful in stimulating the natural production of testosterone. The injections of the testosterone help in restoration of the testes normal ability for responding to the natural release of gonadotropin.

Special features of the Deca:

This is a weak metabolite than the nandroloness. The users can observe a few cases of the oily skin, acne, excessive water retention, hair loss, etc. The users can further information from the popular bodybuilding websites or the  There are lesser side effects associated with the intake of the Deca.


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