Five Common Vaping Mistakes Made By Beginners


Vaping is a great alternative to smoking, and making the switch could do wonders for your health. It is definitely a different experience to smoking cigarettes, however, and there are a couple of things to get used to when you first start vaping. So here are five common things you may not think of when you are just starting out!

Not cleaning your tank

If you’re new to vaping, you’re probably really excited to try out a bunch of different flavours, as there are so many really cool ones out there. But make sure that you don’t just top up your tank without cleaning if you were using a different flavour before, or worse still if you still have a bit of juice left in the tank.

While some flavours do mix and you may wish to do so deliberately,  many don’t and accidentally blending them together can taste kinda weird or unpleasant.

Running out of liquid

Worse than mixing your flavours is running out of juice altogether! If you end up vaping on a dry coil you can burn it out, which results in a really nasty burnt taste, and wrecks your coil.

Plus, it’s frustrating to be out and about and not be able to vape, so we recommend always bringing a bottle of the flavour you’re currently using out and about with you. This will help you avoid being without your vape or having to faff around priming new coils more often than you would otherwise need to.

Leaving it switched on in your pocket

It’s easy to absent mindedly just put your e-cig in your pocket or handbag without remembering to turn it off, but try to avoid doing so because you not only run the risk of running down your battery, but also accidental leakage and possibly damaging your vape.

Also try to make sure that if your device has any air inlets you close these before you put it in your bag or pockets to avoid any leaking or debris getting inside.

Using the wrong liquid

When you first take up vaping you may just think that liquid is liquid, but in fact not all types are made equal.

The PG to VG ratio is really key and not only produces a different vaping sensation, but will also work better or worse for your particular setup, so it’s important to get it right.

You can find out more  about what PG and VG are and how they affect your vaping experience in this article from Metro.

Inhaling wrong

Yep, there’s a right and a wrong way to inhale when you’re vaping, and it really does make a difference.

We spoke to the guys at Cloudz Vapour who told us “people who have gone from smoking to vaping often take quick hard drags like you would on a cigarette, but this doesn’t create a good cloud or give you enough of a nicotine hit, and also often makes you cough.

Instead, try inhaling slowly and for longer, and try to imagine you are breathing right down into your lungs rather than the back of your throat. Then blow it out slowly again, and you’ll enjoy it far more.”

So there we have it, just a couple of things to watch out for if you’re new to vaping to avoid making the same mistakes that many newbies do!


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