Are E-Cigarettes Actually Safer than Regular Cigarettes?


E-cigarettes have become increasingly popular during the last couple of years being dubbed ‘the safe way to smoke’ but is it actually safe? There is an abundance of conflicting evidence and it is still difficult to know whether smoking E-cigarettes is harmful or helpful. This article will give you an unbiased look and the effects of E-cigarettes and whether you should use them or not.
One positive of E-cigarettes is that they are void of tobacco. Tobacco is extremely harmful and a cause of cancer in normal cigarettes, without this; the risk of cancer is marginally lower in E-cigarettes. However, this doesn’t make them completely safe. Regular cigarettes have a whole host of cancer-causing chemicals and E-cigarettes aren’t free of all these. Many of these toxic chemicals found in E-cigarettes are cancer-causing and affect the body in the same way normal cigarettes would, which means E-cigarettes aren’t really a feasible back-up if they will end up causing as much harm.

However, despite these toxic chemicals; BBC news has reported that “E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco and could be prescribed on the NHS in future to help smokers quit”. This means that E-cigarettes, though not perfect; could be a vital mechanism in helping smokers to quit. Even if they are not perfectly healthy, they are extremely less harmful than regular cigarettes and the majority who use E-cigarettes will end up quitting smoking altogether.

It is essential that we take into account that vaping E-cigarettes is still dangerous. The toxic chemical called formaldehyde found in them is harmful to the body and can contribute to cancer and other diseases in the body. Nonetheless, we should think about the harm reduction in the long run and if people are using E-cigarettes as help to wean off normal cigarettes then they can be considerably helpful. Unfortunately, what poses a threat is young people who wouldn’t have otherwise smoked seeing vaping as the ‘safe way of smoking’ and thinking it has no harmful effects on their body. We need to be more aware of the risks of E-cigarettes and it should be taught on the national curriculum.

Smoking is an expensive habit, are E-cigarettes the same? Are they safe to spend your money on or will they burn a hole in your wallet? Regular cigarettes have gone up in price lately and now the average price of a pack is a whopping £7.98. Disposable E-cigarettes (which are around the equivalent of 2 packs of regular cigarettes) are a great deal cheaper than this at around 5 pounds. Even cheaper than these are cartridges and e-liquid which are reusable E-cigarettes. These may involve a higher cost at first but will pay for themselves over time. Overall, E-cigarettes are much easier on the wallet than regular cigarettes.

Generally speaking, E-cigarettes are a convenient form of harm reduction and can help drastically with quitting smoking. Nevertheless, you should still be aware of their ingredients and the effects they can have. E-cigarettes are a helpful tool but shouldn’t be a hobby.

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