Why it’s Better to Speak than to Smoke


Those who are making strides toward becoming non-smokers step off a path headed for misery, destruction and certain death.  Many smokers had been on that path for decades, starting in junior high, or middle school, depending on where you’re from, and started smoking just to look “cool”, keep up with older siblings, or were influenced by the culture of smoking among family members.  Those who have put down their cigs report that keeping their minds off smoking gets easier when they deal with the triggers that used to lead to picking up a cigarette as a release valve.  As one person put it,  “If we couldn’t or wouldn’t talk about it, we smoked on it.”

Staying busy, taking up a habit, getting a pet are all ways people have coped with their attempts to remain smoke free.  Shopping can also be a rewarding way to take your mind off smoking.  Most, if not all, department stores and boutiques have banned the practice, and for good reason.  Smoke can get into the fibers of new clothes, and make them smell stale.  Plus, there is always the danger that a spark can destroy a garment, or worse.  And even the smoker with the best intentions will drop ashes on the carpet from time to time.  Still, getting out of the house for exercise is ideal.  You can combine exercise and shopping with Groupon.

Groupon has partnered with thousands of retailers and offers millions of items that you can obtain at great discounts.  The coupon codes are easy to apply and many, like those for J. Crew, can be used instantly online or instore.  The good thing about J. Crew is that they stock so much merchandise for men, women and children, you can spend hours browsing the aisles and keep smoking off your mind.  While you put together a new fall wardrobe, you can also get some exercise by taking a walk around the mall.  Many of them have walking clubs, so ask the staff in the management office.  You might not ever see them, because some clubs walk early in the morning before the stores open.  But if you can join them, you’re likely to meet others you can strike up conversations with who once smoked too.



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